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Site Policy

Site Policy

The documents, pictures and illustrations on this site (hereinafter, referred to as the contents) are copyrighted by Matsunami Glass Ind., Ltd. and its affiliates (hereinafter, referred to as our company) and third parties. The users of this site are allowed to copy the contents by downloading only when they intend to use the contents individually or domestically or to an equivalent limited extent.

Contents with a notice of copyright of our company or any third party shall be copied together with the notice of copyright. Even when contents are copied for any other purpose than the above-mentioned, if the conditions of use of the contents are indicated by the owner of copyright, the contents are allowed to be used in accordance with the conditions.

We may refuse the use of contents when any portrait or a work of any third party is contained or when our company considers the use of the contents is improper.

The rights relating to the trademarks, logos and business names shown on this site belong to our company or each right owner. The use of them without our permission is prohibited by Trademark Act, etc. except when it is allowed by Trademark Act or other laws. If you want to use such a mark or a logo, please consult us to receive our permission.

Our company does not grant the copyright, patent right, trademark right or any other right of our company or any third party relating to the contents on this site. Our company does not give any assurance about the contents on this site.

Our company does not assure the correctness, availability, certainty and safety of the contents on this site or give any other assurance relating to the contents. If any damage is caused by the use or disuse of the contents on this site, our company will not be liable for the damage.

Our company may change or delete contents or URL on this site without notice. Information on this site is not always updated to the most current status. The management of the contents on this site may be suspended or discontinued without notice. We will not be liable for any damage caused by the suspension or discontinuation.

Our company may change our site policy without notice. Note that, in such a case, the new site policy will be applied.

If you want to provide a link to our site, please inform us in advance of linking to your site, purpose of linking and URL of the page containing the link. Please provide the link, as a rule, to the top page of this site unless there are special reasons.

This site may have links to the sites of third parties. Our company provides these links only for your convenience and does not have any responsibility about the contents on these sites. When using any of these sites, observe the rules of use.

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