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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Matsunami Glass Ind., Ltd. considers that it is a critical societal responsibility to thoroughly recognize the societal demand for protection of personal information and promote appropriate handling of personal information. All employees of the company will endeavor to protect personal information under the fundamental policy of appropriately handling personal information in accordance with the regulations specified in Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

We will collect personal information only within the range required for our business activities. When collecting, we will clearly show the purposes of use of the information and our contact point and receive the agreement of each individual.

We will use customers’ personal information only for the purposes agreed by the customers.

We will not present or disclose the obtained personal information to any third party except when we have obtained your agreement or there are reasonable grounds.

We take appropriate information security measures including countermeasures against unauthorized access and computer viruses, to prevent loss, destruction, falsification and leak of personal information. We will occasionally reexamine the security measures to constantly take optimum measures.

Where any person requests to disclose or correct his/her personal information, we will promptly cope with the request after we identify the person.

We will establish an internal code of conduct based on Act on the Protection of Personal Information, laws and personal information protection regulations and observe, continually reexamine and improve the code.

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