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History of Optics & Electronics Division

History of Optics & Electronics Div

1971 Starts production and distribution of thin glass for electronics use.
1973 Becomes independent division as Planning Division
1977 Reorganized to be Special Glass Parts Division
1984 Reorganized to be Special Glass Division
1987 Opens Tokyo Branch Office (Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) for sales activity along with Headquarters (Kishiwada-shi, Osaka)
2000 Reorganized to be Optics & Electronics Division

History of Development/Distribution of electronics/optics relevant products

1971 ・Spacer glass for Plasma Display Panels (PDP).
1973 ・Filter glass for photo acceptance device for camera use.
1974 ・Glass for Koval Sealing (#700).
1975 ・Uses blue glass (BO 160) as spacer glass for plasma display panels.
・Develops black glass (D 0797) as spacer glass for PDP for wall-hang TV.
・Glass substrate for LCD (Soda glass; for calculator, wristwatch).
・Tempered mold glass for plastic lens (#0801).
1976 ・Green glass (G6055) as spacer glass for PDP (G6055).
・Sealing glass (SG group).
・Blue glass (B0160) as spacer glass for magnetic head.
1977 ・Cap glass (#709) for CCD line sensor.
・Koval glass (#700) as window cap glass for optical device.
・Borocilicate glass (#100; for calculator, wristwatch) for glass substrates of LCD.
1978 ・#709 glass as surface wave filter glass.
1979 ・Develops infrared cut filter glass (#1R478).
1980 ・Mirror glass for video camera.
・Mirror glass for copy machine.
1981 ・Starts distribution of AR (Anti-reflection) coat processed products along with #700. glass as cap glass for semiconductor laser.
・Develops new type glass (IR505) as infrared cut filter glass for video camera.
1982 ・Cap glass for area sensor is added for CCD.
・Various types of colored glass as cover glass for meters used in aircraft.
・Opalescent glass (CW-9) as spacer glass for magnetic head.
1983 ・#100 as glass substrates for inkjet printing.
・Low-alkali glass as glass substrates for LCD.
・Glass substrates for camera mirror.
・Starts wide distribution of cap glass for CCD and for semiconductor laser and bonding glass for magnetic head.
1985 ・Starts wide distribution of #307 as spacer glass for PDP.
・Starts wide distribution of CCD cap glass for built-in camera VTR (Movie).
・Starts wide distribution of low expansion glass as glass substrates for portable LCD color TV.
・Develops alkali-proof glass (D-339H) as glass substrates for printing.
・Develops infrared cut filter (IR003) as filter glass for built-in camera VTR.
1986 ・Starts wide distribution of glass substrates for contact type image sensor (facsimile).
・Succeeds in development of high expansion crystallized glass for thin film head.
1987 ・Starts distribution of processed crystal as filter for video camera.
・Finishes prototype filter glass IR5088 for video camera.
・Finishes prototype and starts wide distribution of two types of infrared cut filter (IR5188, IR-0043) for industrial use.
1988 ・Starts supplying filter glass with IR5088 coat for video camera.
・Starts development of cover glass for laser coupler.
・Starts line production system for cutting process of TN and STN LCD.
1989 ・Cylindrical lens.
・Starts order acceptance of assembly products.
1990 ・Starts wide distribution of cover glass for complete contact type.
・Develops crystallized glass GC43 for wire guide of printers.
1991 ・Finishes warp correction process line for touch panel cover glass with cleanliness condition and starts distribution.
・Adopts polishing facility for STN LCD.
・Electric cover glass for in-vehicle backward surveillance (soldering + print + calcinations products).
1992 ・Mass production of glass disks (chemically strengthened)Develops porous glass.
・Glass substrates of LCD for pen input.
1993 ・Develops perform of SG2028 for optics lens sealing.
・Develops powder glass as filler material for packaging.
1994 ・Promotes cover glass for laser diode with #100.
・Participates in production project of cell for large-sized display unit.
1995 ・Finishes infrared cut filter (vapor deposition) for contact type image sensors to be used for color copy machine.
・Starts distribution of the cover glass for image sensors in a set with boat-shape beveled #100.
・Starts distribution of detergent for fine glass materials.
1996 ・Reviews conventional glass materials having provided according to user’s specification, and starts collaborative wide distribution with presentation activities to change value added material.
・Improves and widely distributes #801 as optical glass for optical filter/wavelength mixer module.
1997 ・Finishes cutting process line with high precision for t 50μ materials for large-sized display.
・Starts development of glass substrates for light guide (ion exchange type).
1998 ・#100 highly evaluated in the market as cover glass for laser diode.
・Finishes wide improvement of moisture resistance of infrared cut filter PC1000 and thinning the glass plates of BS series maintaining the same properties to promote wider distribution.
1999 ・Starts mass production of cover glass for C-MOS image sensors.
・Starts distribution of LCD projector related parts (lens array etc.).
・Develops anti-reflection coat (coat) to be used for two-wavelength laser diode.
・Produces and processes poly silicon type substrates for TFT LCD in large quantities along with amorphous type.
2000 ・Establishes full-scale mass production facility of glass substrates for DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplex).
・Starts distribution of infrared cut coat products as color compensating filter for C-MOS.
2001 ・Establishes production system of ball lenses for signal communication.
・Starts wide distribution of LCOS type LCD substrates.
2002 ・Starts full-scale activities for MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical system).
・stablishes technology for production of micro-stripe glass substrates to be used for protein analysis.
2003 ・ Launches full-scale production and increases sales of glass materials related to image sensor module to be used for mobile phone camera.
2006 ・Starts development of LED light source module.
2008 ・Introduces water-jet cutting machine to start mass production of cover glass for mobile phone display.
2009 ・Starts development of microlens array for 3D display use.
2010 ・Starts coating processing of polarizing film for projectors.
2012 ・Starts mass production of infrared absorbing filter for digital single-lens reflex cameras.

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