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Optical Multilayer Film Products

Manufacturing optical multilayer film requires high-precision control of film thickness and uniformity. Therefore, in general the vacuum deposition method is used. Film material heated at 1000℃-2000℃ and evaporated by electron beam gun disperses in vacuum without collision with air molecules. Then the material is solidified on the substrates to form a thin film. For solidifying the film, the material is heated to approximately 300℃ during evaporation. (Temperature control is performed along with condition optimization depending on the substrate material.)

Formation of multilayered film is performed in one process by using multiple vapor sources in vacuo.All layers require nanometer level precision in their thickness to obtain the performance of optical multilayer film. Therefore, an optical film thickness meter that uses optical interference is used for film thickness control.

We can provide multilayer products with precision methods other than vacuum such as sputtering.

Product lineup

Infrared Cut filter / UV IR Cut Filter
Beam Splitter / Bandpass Filter
Cold Filter / Cold Mirror
Dichroic Filter / Dichroic Mirror
Laser Mirror / Neutral Density Filter

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