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Optics & Electronics Division

Flexible response to the diverse needs of industry.

Building upon our expertise in the processing of the thin glass required by the electronics industy, we provide materials and products for a wide ange of high-texh industries.

Our highspeed cleaning equipment, non-contact equipment,and highperformance annealing furnaces enable us to meet the sophisticated needs of users of display panels, and our ability to work with ultra-thin glass of the order of 50 microns has made headlines in the industry.

Cover Glass / Base Glass
Cover Glass for Laser Diodes
Cover Glass for Image Sensor
Base Glass for Display Panels
Precisely processed Panels/Covers
Warp Modification/EAnneal Treatment
Chemically Reinforced Glass
Filter Glass
Near-Infrared Cut Filter Glass
Other Type of Filter Glass
Ultra Thin Glass
We have a wide choice of standard materials in stages from t 30 μm for #100 and t 50μm fpr AF45.
Sealing Glass
We can offer the most suitable product for your application. Please feel free to inquire.
Optical thin-film glass (coatings)
Infrared Cut filter / UV IR Cut Filter
Dichroic Filter / Dichroic Mirror
Beam Splitter / Bandpass Filter
Laser Mirror / Neutral Density Filter
Cold Filter / Cold Mirror
Activities and facilities for coatings
Introduction of activities and facilities for coating products from Optics & Electronics Division.
Development and applications
Microlens array (originally developed).
Thermoformed Glass Products.
LED Module.
LC Projector Related Parts.
Cover glass for mobile phone display.
Thinning Film Glass Material for Key Devices of Mobile Camera Phone.
Expansion of Thin Film Glass Material into Display Market.
Possibility of Thin Film Glass.
Expansion of Thin Film Glass Material into Display Market.

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