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Microlens array (under development)
Microlens array formation on thin glass substrate.
This product is used for lenticulars and CCD on-chip lens.
Thermoformed Glass Products
Thermoformed Glass Products
A glass plate formed in the predetermined shape and a specific mold are combined to be gradually heated up to the temperature around the softening point in the furnace.
LED Module
4-in-1 LED Light Source for Micro Projector, 7 connection 3-in-1 LED Light Source.
We are going ahead with the development of light source module using LED. So far we are handling two developments: 4-in-1 type and 3-in-1 type. Custom made articles are available for both types.
LC Projector Related Parts
Lens array / PS converter.
Precision press system (re-press) is adopted where formation is carried out at low temperature press. Using PS converter effectively reduces heat burden of polarization plate on the side of incoming radiation, enhances luminous intensity and enables high contrast.
LC Projector Related Parts

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