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ISO Management system

In the 21st century, Matsunami Glass Ind., Ltd. is making history of over 170 years. The company’s history originated from manufacture of laminated mirrors made of thin glass. Based on the technical ability, the company has developed mainly the techniques of machining special thin film glass. As a comprehensive fine glass manufacturer in the medical and physicochemical fields, it has established the status as the leading manufacturer of cover glass and glass slides for microscopy in Japan and, in addition, extended its activities to the biological field to contribute toward the world’s medical innovation. Moreover, in the optical and electronic material fields, it has expanded the business field through its integrated system of production from molten glass to finished product utilizing its precision machining techniques. In the future, based on the strategic concept “to be a characteristic company competing in our specialized fields,” we will advance the management principle to go ahead of the times so that the meaning of our existence is surely recognized by external parties and more sensitively understand the customers’ demands to become a service company which can solve customers’ problem.

Obtained three ISO certifications

We obtained ISO9001 certification for international quality management system in January, 1999 and ISO14001 for international environmental management system in May, 2003,and ISO13485 for international medical devices quality management system in July 2013.

In ISO9001, to build a new quality system in order to be more certain the trust of our customers, resulted in a further morale to corporate culture, we are connected to the activation of the organization.
Introduced the international environmental management system in ISO14001, we cherish the mind as a company friendly to humans and the earth. It also aims to developing and providing glass products that meet the medical equipment in the (medical device quality management system) ISO13485 certification was new. In recent years, medical device and sophisticated, the role of glass products are also becoming increasingly heavy. ISO13485 will continue to provide products that are trusted as immunostaining for certification as a glass slide that is optimized for immunostaining this time.

Matsunami intends to further improve its know-how accumulated through many years, positively introduce novel ideas and grow up with the steadily developing medical, physicochemical and optoelectronics fields.

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